Formation Resistivity

During the construction of a well, the most desirable parameter to measure is the formation resistivity in order to determine whether the formation is hydrocarbon or salty water saturated. It is difficult to obtain an accurate measurement as complex changes occur to wells after they have been drilled. Eastern United Petroleum Services offers logging tools that specifically determine such parameters depending on the formation and mud characteristics.

Array Introduction tool

The Array Induction Tool – AIT uses multi-spacing and multi-frequency measurement to acquire a complete set of data from the formation surrounding the borehole. The multi-spacing measurements allow improved conductivity measurements in complex environments. The 6-inch short-spacing measurements allow improved correction for borehole, rugosity and invasion effects. The 94-inch long-spacing measurements are useful in deep invasion situations. The multiple-frequency measurements allow for an improved skin-effect correction and data quality checking.

Dual Lateral logging tool

The Dual Lateral Log Tool – DLT provides both deep and shallow measurements to determine invaded and virgin zones resistively. By analyzing and combining this information with other logging curves, you can directly and accurately distinguish permeability layer, determine oil-water layers as well as identifying and evaluation oil-bearing formation characteristics.

Micro Spherical Focused Log

Measure flushed zone resistivity with the MSFL tool to calculate flushed zone saturation. The tool’s special structure and electrodes provide a measurement that is less affected by the mud cake and when combined with other resistivity measurements, helps determine true formation resistivity. The tool also has caliper measurement and could be run by an XY caliper.Advanced to the MSFL, is the Four-Arms Micro Spherical Focused Lateral Log (MSF – 4). It has a four-arm caliper and more microelectrodes built in.

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Formation Resistivity
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