Production Logging

Productions logs are used to identify and provide solutions for production / injection problems. When the performance of production / injection of a well needs to be monitored and evaluated Production Logging Tools as a combination of individual sensors in which each sensor responds to certain parameters within or outside the wellbore. Production/injection rates, water cuts, bubble point, flowing pressure, leak points, channeling behind the casing, etc. are some of the typical objectives that utilize Production Logging Tools.


This tool is designed to solve the problem of accurate fluid phase identification in horizontal or highly deviated wells. The tool has an array of 12 specifically developed micro-capacitance sensors mounted on a bowspring. Each sensor in the array measures capacitance of the surrounding fluid close to the well casing.

It identifies and calculates the percentage of each phase in a horizontal well and reveals the water entry areas as well as any changes of wellbore fluids with time.


The resistance array tool has 12 micro-resistivity sensors deployed on a bowspring to determine the water hold-up profile across the whole wellbore. Saline water is conductive, while oil and gas are non-conductive. The tool differentiates between conductive water and hydrocarbons, which are non-conductive, and will detect very small, fast moving bubbles. This allows determination of the water hold-up cross-sectional profile in wellbores of any deviation from vertical to horizontal and in any flow regime.


The Spinner Array Tool features 6 miniature turbines deployed on bowspring arms using low friction jeweled bearings to reduce mechanical threshold of the spinner and improve sensitivity to fluid flow, enabling discreet local fluid velocities of each individual phase to be measured in the wellbore.

The tool provides direct measurement of individual phase velocities, which makes it possible to provide quantitative estimates of the volumetric flow rate of each phase with great degree of certainty thus delivering vital information for reservoir management.


The PLT is used to maximize hydrocarbon recovery, analyze downhole and fluid conditions as well as to manage fluid profiles for production/injection wells. During the life of a field, problems occur that result in low oil and gas production, where in many cases the wells is old and the reservoir is mature.

The tool helps identify producing zones as well as the type of fluid being produced. It also detects leaks and low-pressure zones and calculates quantitatively the flow rates of oil, gas and water from each zone.

Our new PLT tools are offered in Short Compact Tool string:

  • Gamma Ray Tools
  • Pressure/CCL – QPC
  • Capacitance Water Hold-up – CWH
  • X-Y Caliper – PDC
  • Inclinometer/Accelerometer – PIA
  • Fluid Density Radioactive – FDR
  • In-line Spinner – ILS
  • Combined Flow/Capacitance/Temperature – CTF
  • Caged Full-bore Spinners
  • Continuous Flowmeter Spinners

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