Mechanical Services

Through Tubing Bridge Plug

Thru Tubing Bridge Plug (TTBP) is a high-expansion compression set plug designed to pass through restrictions and set in tubulars that can be times the run-in diameter of the plug. TTBP settings operations eliminate problems that are inherent with extended service lives in high-expansion compression set plugs.TTBP’s stout bi-directional anchor fixes the plug in place until it is intentionally released and pushed to bottom


  • Seal off non-productive zones
  • Seal off water-producing zones below productive zones
  • Base for a sand plug
  • Low-pressure acid base plug
  • Positive depth control plug
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Tubing Cutter

The Plasma Cutter Tool (PCT) cuts pipe like a chemical cutter— without using any harmful chemicals. The tool is used when restrictions or dry pipe prevent use of chemical cutters. It is also applicable where there are restrictions for using explosives or in high RF environments. It severs tubing, casing and drill pipe using a proprietary mixture of powdered metals that are propelled through a torch body and nozzle section. The PCT has the ability to
  • Cuts all different types of pipe.
  • Can be run through restrictions to cut larger diameter pipe.
  • Can be used in close contact pipe conditions.
  • Can operate to temperatures in high temperatures
  • Can cut in exotic fluids or drilling muds
  • Memory multishot surveys on the trip out of hole.
  • Cuts heavy wall pipe

Non Explosive Setting Tool

The Non-Explosive Setting Tool (NeoNEST) sets conventional plugs and packers in 4 – 7 minutes and produce superior long-life packer seals compared to seals produced by conventional power-charge setting tools. Upon return to the surface the tool reset within seconds, another plug can be attached and run within minutes. Max. Service Pressure 15,000 psig & Max Service Temperature: 350° F Model 10 Max Force Capability: 35,000 lbf , Model 20 Max Force Capability: 60,000 lbf image23

Modular Downhole Tractor

The Modular Downhole Tractor (MDT) is a wireline deployed system used to push passenger logging tools and perforating guns into difficult well profiles. The MDT contains a highly efficient (97%) and powerful electric motor that drives the tool. Signals from the MDT and associated sensors are downhole compression in the electronics cartridge for transmitting to surface enabling the logging engineer to monitor various parameters in real-time and to control the MDT with precision. A surface-controlled switch, within the electronics cartridge, isolates the MDT from its passenger tools. image25  image24 image26  image27

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