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Propellants: GasGun

10The Gas Gun is a solid-propellant fracturing device based on proprietary ballistic technology from the U.S. military. It incorporates the most advanced design on the market with the use of progressively burning propellants that have been proven by independent research to be many times more effective in creating fractures and increasing formation permeability. The Gas Guns have been providing low cost fracturing solutions to operators with over 10,000 stimulations conducted worldwide.

Benefits / Capabilities

  • Gas guns creates multiple radial fractures extending 10 to 50 feet from the wellbore and causes minimal vertical growth thereby avoiding problems often associated with hydraulic fracturing.
  • It removes skin and cleans up the wellbore damaged by perforators, drilling fines, cement, paraffin, mud cake, etc.
  • Stimulates heterogeneous production zones, such as lenticular sands, with a higher probability of success. Fractures reach out in several directions, thus increasing your chance of intersecting the producing formations.
  • Improves effectiveness of acidizing by fracturing first with the GasGun, allowing acid to etch new channels into formation.
  • Enhances production in naturally fractured reservoirs by intersecting more fractures.
  • Prepares well for hydraulic fracturing by breaking down formation first with the GasGun. Treating pressures are often dramatically reduced.
  • Increases injection and withdrawal rates in gas storage wells damaged by compressor oils.
  • Improves waterflood efficiency by providing increased and more uniform injection rates.

Integrated Ballistic Delivery System (BDS)

The integrated Ballistic Delivery System (BDS) was developed to solve the issues of service companies utilizing multiple vendors and systems for both downhole equipment and surface equipment, which introduces multiple opportunities for human or equipment failures. With the BDS, a single integrated system provides all the control and safety functions in one set of surface equipment with a consistent interface including:

  • End-to-end control of the ballistics string;
    • From the cable head to the detonator interface;
  • Single, integrated user interface;
  • Robust and reliable telemetry for standard and H2S cables;
  • Fully automated power supply control incorporating perforating power supply (Configurable for each detonator type);
  • Multiple redundant safety systems;
  • Compliance with API RP-67;
  • Comprehensive range of down-hole tools and detonator compatibility.

The different components that make up the BDS include:

  • Addressable Cablehead Tension (ACT)
  • Autonomous Downhole Controller (ADC)
  • Addressable Gamma Ray / CCL (AGC)
  • Addressable Release Tool (ART)
  • Pressure While Perforating (PWP)
  • Oriented Perforating System (OPS)
    • Instrument Dynamics Controller (IDC)
    • Power Swivel Joint (PSJ)
    • Metal Anomaly Tool (MAT)
  • Gun Brake System (GBS)
  • Voltage Protection Module (VPM)
  • Select Fire Switches (SFS)

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