Well Integrity

The longer a well is producing, the stronger the return on investment. And longer production lives often depend on tubing and casing integrity. Our tubing and casing inspection services give producers the ability to prevent problems before they start. Our advanced technologies can detect what others miss, which means our clients get the exact data they need to address specific challenges. Our inspection services don’t simply detect potential problems. Our innovative capabilities also provide the detailed data that’s needed to determine the best solutions that minimize the amount of time and expense that’s required for maintenance, restoration and repair. Using the advanced data analysis techniques, we aim to identify the precise nature of the casing and tubing integrity issues. 3D viewers also complement the service for an easy understanding and visualization of the log and what approaches are needed to be taken.

Multi-barrier corrosion evaluation

The Multi-Barrier Corrosion Logging tool is a new-generation tool that allows to evaluate technical condition of the tubing and 3 casing strings (or 4 casing strings without tubing) simultaneously. The tool has fast response coils that generate electro-magnetic pulses. The speed of decay of these pulses is directly correlated to the pipe thickness and with the use of post-processing, individual pipe thickness responses are determined.

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The MFC is available in a range of diameters to suit varying casing/tubing sizes. The number of fingers increases as the diameter of the tool does, to maintain maximum surface coverage, the tools can be run in combination with other Well Integrity instruments and Production Logging tools.

A continuous measurement of the pipe’s surface condition is made as the tool is logged up to identify:

  • Corrosion problems
  • Erosion damaged due to well flow
  • Mapping perforation zones
  • Scale build-up
  • Milling or drilling damage
  • Damaged or crushed tubular

The tool has an inclinometer to indicate the finger positions relative to high side of the pipe, so that features can be oriented correctly during data processing.

MFC data can be used to generate 3D images of pipe condition using specially designed visualization Well Integrity software.


Ultrasonic Imaging Tool USI-V

The Ultrasonic Imaging Tool (USI-V) provides a wealth of information about your well in both open and cased holes. In open hole, the USI-V provides complete borehole imaging for accurate, precise formation evaluation. In cased hole, ultrasonic pipe inspection and cement evaluation can now be obtained simultaneously. Operating over a wide range of downhole environments, the USI-V offers a full 360° profile of the borehole that can be presented in a variety of two and three-dimensional formats. Powerful, yet user-friendly imaging analysis software is available to process images, histograms, and curve type data from this advanced logging device.


Radial Bond Tool

Effective hydraulic isolation from water-bearing formations is crucial to maximizing the productivity of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs and to ensure well integrity. The Radial Bond Tool (RBT) for Cement Evaluation facilitates a detailed, qualitative analysis of the zonal isolation achieved by cementing services to help prevent poor cementing and the risk of unwanted fluid transfers between zones.

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