Formation Testing

Formation Evaluation/Reservoir Characterization Tester


Reservoir Characterization Tester (RCT) provides fast and accurate formation pressure measurements and high quality reservoir sampling from multiple layers. It can also provide permeability and anisotropy data through a variety of interval pressure transient tests. RCT = Single Probe (Dual-Packer/Dual-Probe) + Fluid Identification Sensor + Pump Thru + Multi-Sample


Formation Evaluation/Reservoir Characterization Tester-Casing


The Reservoir Characterization Tester-Casing (RCT-C) confirms depth by natural gamma or CCL. Packs the target formation by packer, and then pump out formation fluid. Besides conventional formation test, it can be also used to obtain reservoir fluid in controllable volume and identify properties of the fluid sample by water holdup sensor, resistivity sensor, and pressure and temperature sensor at the same time. The RCT-C tests in exploratory wells of medium to low porosity and determines water-flooded level in development wells and builds development database for single well and single layer.

Formation Evaluation /Micro Seismic

Micro-Seismic Monitoring (MSM) is considered as one of the best methods to observe and track the creation of fractures in a reservoir. By locating micro-seismic events associated with the fractures, it is possible to determine the geometry of a fracture and the effective production volume, observe any interactions with existing faults, and monitor for events locating out of zone in real-time

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Formation Testing
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